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The original Princes Hwy before 1939 through the Laverton area took a completely different route to today's freeway. Prior to the Laverton RAAF airbase deviation, the Princes Hwy continued it southwesterly path from Kororiot Creeek Rd, through the base, staying north of the Warrnambool railway line to Hoppers Crossing.

The former alignment can be traced with today's aptly named Old Geelong Rd from Kororiot Creek Rd to the entrance to the RAAF base. The alignment then follows in the same southwesterly direction into the airbase until the other side at Forsyth Rd. The section within the RAAF base was complete erased, as one the runways was built right over the road reservation. From the the airbase, the former route resumes along Old Geelong Rd to Morris Rd, then crossing the railway in Hoppers Crossing to meet the then Princes Hwy which continued on to Werribee.


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Prior to the opening of the Maltby Bypass in 1961, the Princes Hwy flowed directly into central Werribee via today's Werribee Main Rd, more commonly referred to it's former name and role - Princes Hwy.

The original route from Princes Fwy, Hoppers Crossing was: Werribee Main Rd (Princes Hwy) to Cherry St, north along Cherry St, southwest on Watton St, north along Werribee St, then finally southwest along Werribee Main Rd (Princes Hwy) to meet today's Princes Fwy.

Improvements came to the section of Princes Highway at Werribee where, in 1977/78 work was commenced to duplicate the highway between Hoppers Crossing and Wattle Avenue and realign the highway in Werribee from Cherry St and Watton St to Synnot Street. The duplication was completed in June 1983 and the realignment followed in December 1983. These works proved to be last of note on the highway at Werribee as it was decommissioned between 1987 and 1991.


Westbound on Werribee Main Rd before Derrimut Rd. Sep 2005
Advanced Directional Sign westbound for Cherry St. Sep 2005
Northbound across Werribee River. Sep 2005
Advance Directional Sign northbound on Werribee St. Sep 2005 
Westbound on Werribee Main Rd towards Werribee western interchange with Princes Fwy. Sep 2005

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The original Princes Highway followed a narrow and congested route of Mercer St, Malop St, Moorabool St and High Street through Geelong, crossed the Barwon River on the two-lane Barwon Bridge (constructed in 1926/28), then along High St to Belmont. This bridge was widened to four lanes in 1966/67 but it was evident a new route was need to bypass the Geelong CBD. Fortunately, the Country Roads Board’s post-war planning meant that following the Geelong Transportation Study land was acquired and reserved for a future inner city bypass of Geelong in 1949/50.
Construction commenced in 1978/79, including a new bridge of the Barwon River, was officially opened on 21 September 1990. Latrobe Tce and Settlement Road replaced High Street as the route of the Princes Highway.

Southbound on Mercer St. Jan 2005
1976 photo of a NR1 Intersectional Direction Sign on Moorabool St at Ryrie St.
Northbound on High St at Barrabool Rd. Jan 2005
Advance Directional Sign northbound on High St for Barrabool Rd. Jan 2005
Northbound on High St after Corio St. Jan 2005
AD northbound on Corio St. Jan 2005

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