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  Route Numbering  
  Victoria's route numbering consists of five different systems - Metropolitan Routes in the Melbourne metropolitan area; Statewide Route Numbering Scheme in regional and provincial cities; Tourist Routes for tourism purposes; Overdimensional Routes for larger vehicles and National Routes, which now only exist in the Melbourne metropolitan area - their regional counterparts have been incoporated into the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme.  
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  Current Systems  
Metropolitan Route Numbering Scheme Statewide Route Numbering Scheme
National Route Numbering Scheme Overdimensional Routes
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  Decommissioned Schemes  
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  Road Classifications  
  Road Classifications in Victoria  
  Victoria has an extensive freeway network considering the size and population density of the state. The majority of the freeways lie in the metropolitan area, with regional freeways stretching outwards from Melbourne to provincial centres. A freeway in Victoria is roadway with restricted access provisions under the Road Management Act 2004. Freeways generally have divided carriageways with grade separated interchanges; but this can vary from freeway to freeway, metropolitan to regional.  
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  Metropolitan Melbourne  
  Arterial roads make up the majority of state controlled roads in Victoria. This classification is the amalgamation of the former road categories of State Highway, Main Road, Tourist Road and Forest Road. As such, arterial roads come in various shapes and sizes ranging from heavily trafficked urban dual carriageway roads to rural country roads linking small settlements.  
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  Highway One
Victorian section of Australia's Route 1
  Direction Signs in Victoria  
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