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Highway One traverses the Princes Highway in Victoria, providing a fairly direct east-west route between the NSW Border near Genoa to the SA Border near Mount Gambier. While not a National Highway for any part of its length, Highway One is still a major transport backbone, connecting Melbourne with the next biggest population centre, Geelong, and the La Trobe Valley, Victoria’s power hub. Through the urban area of Melbourne Highway One (In its M1 guise) deviates from the Princes Highway onto the Monash Freeway, CityLink and West Gate Freeway. Today Highway One is completely alpha-numeric: i.e. A1 from NSW to Traralgon; M1 from Traralgon to Waurn Ponds (Geelong); and A1 from Waurn Ponds to SA, however until 1997 it was entirely a National Route. There is still one Alternative National Route 1, between Narre Warren and South Melbourne.


The current alignment of Highway One in Victoria is: From NSW Border via Princes Highway (and Freeway) to Narre Warren, thence via Monash Freeway, CityLink and West Gate Freeway to Brooklyn and then via Princes Highway (and Freeway) to the SA Border.


Route Changes:


National Route 1 was introduced in 1955 as the second numbered route in Australia. Its original alignment was from NSW Border via Princes Highway to Oakleigh then via Dandenong Road, Wellington St, St Kilda Road, Swanston St, Bourke St, Elizabeth St, Flemington Rd, Racecourse Rd and Smithfield Road to join the western half of Princes Highway at Lynchs Bridge. From there it followed the Princes Highway to the SA Border.

Of course at the time the alignment of the Princes Highway differed greatly to now and details on the original alignment and subsequent changes can be found on the respective route marker pages.


Here is a list of subsequent changes:

1961 - Moved onto Kings Way, Kings Bridge, King St, Curzon St and Harker St between St Kilda Rd and Flemington Rd following the opening of Kings Bridge.

1971 - Moved from Wellington St/St Kilda Rd to Queens Way between Prahran and Kings Way

1978 - Moved onto the West Gate Freeway and Rogers, Lorimer, Clarendon, Market (eb), and York (wb) Streets between Kings Way and Princes Hwy West following the opening of West Gate Bridge.

1988 - Moved from the temporary route through South Melbourne onto West Gate Freeway extension

1988 - Moved onto newly constructed South East Arterial and newly proclaimed Yarra Bank Hwy, bypassing Princes Hwy East between Dandenong and South Melbourne

1997 - Changed from National Route 1 to Route M1 as part of the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme

2000 - Moved onto CityLink between Monash and West Gate Freeways

2003 - Moved onto Hallam Bypass section of Monash Freeway



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