Freeway Route Numbering System
  Route numbers on Melbourne's metropolitan freeways
Exit signs at Calder Freeway / Tullamarine Freeway interchange, 1976.
Photo courtesy VicRoads.
Introduced 1970
Decommissioned 1987
Number of Routes 7 (including one duplicate)
Identification Three-character route number - one letter (F) and two digits (80 to 90).
Wider version of the Metropolitan Route number shield.
'Freeway green' colour background.
  Freeway Routes were introduced as a new route marking system in 1970 following the opening of the first section of the Tullamarine Freeway. These routes were specially designed for the freeways within the Melbourne metropolitan area and were marked by a ‘freeway green’ coloured shield with route numbers prefixed by the letter ‘F’. Freeway Routes were the first type of route numbering in Victoria to be purely based on road classification alone.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Melbourne was in a grip of major freeway construction - the West Gate, Eastern, Tullamarine, Mornington Peninsula and Mulgrave Freeways were all approved with construction occurring simultaneously. Freeway Routes were touted as a method to inform drivers that a particular roadway was a freeway, and in addition, to provide a clear separation to other route numbering systems in Melbourne.

In essence, Freeway Routes were an extension of the Metropolitan Route Numbering System, as route numbers 80 to 90 were exclusively reserved for Freeway Route numbers.

The system was formally decommissioned on March 10 1987 and signs were progressively updated to remove the shields as part of the Metropolitan Direction Signing Program. Routes were either changed to a Metropolitan Route number or a National Route number. Interestingly, the only number to be recycled was F83 which became Metropolitan Route 83 - all other numbers were scrapped.

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  The Routes  

Freeway Route F80
South Eastern Freeway
- Melbourne to Kooyong

Freeway Route F81 (North)
Tullamarine Freeway
- Flemington to Melbourne Airport

Freeway Route F81 (South)
Mulgrave Freeway & South Gippsland Freeway
- Chadstone to Lyndhurst

Freeway Route F82
West Gate Freeway - Brooklyn to South Melbourne
Freeway Route F83
Eastern Freeway - Doncaster to Collingwood
Freeway Route F87
Mornington Peninsula Freeway - Dromana to Rosebud
Freeway Route F90
Calder Freeway
- Niddrie to Keilor Lodge
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