Eastern Freeway
Advance direction signs on Bulleen Road, 1978.
Photo courtesy VicRoads Library.
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Eastern Freeway
Alexandra Parade, Collingwood - Doncaster Road, Doncaster Metropolitan Route 83
in Kilometres
Eastern Terminus Doncaster Road, Doncaster
Western Terminus Alexandra Parade, Collingwood
Lifespan 7 December 1977 - 10 March 1987
  Freeway Route F83 was assigned to the entire length of the Eastern Freeway in December 1977, following the opening of the freeway between Hoddle Street and Bulleen Road.

On June 3 1982, the Eastern Freeway extension to Doncaster Road was opened, and F83 was also extended accordingly.

The original signing scheme of route F83 was with the use of the shield on a sign (or a panel/section of the sign) which had 'freeway green' as its background colour; the same colour as the shield itself. The destinations of 'City' for westbound traffic and 'Doncaster' for eastbound traffic were used.

As part of the shake-up of the Metropolitan Route Numbering System, F83 was decommisioned in 1987 and replaced with Metropolitan Route 83. The Metropolitan Route 83 shield appears to have been allocated to retain the connection between the Eastern Freeway and the number 83.

  Route Numbering Timeline  
1977 Dec 7 F83 introduced onto the Eastern Freeway between Hoddle Street and Chandler Highway.
1977 Dec 14 Extended to Burke Road.
1977 Dec 21 Extended to Bulleen Road.
1982 Jun 3 Extended to Doncaster Road.
1987 Mar 10 F83 decommissioned.
Advance direction signs on Bulleen Road, 1978. Photo courtesy VicRoads Library.
Intersection direction signs, including F83, on High Street before Doncaster Road. Dec 2005
Intersection direction sign at Thompsons Road / Manningham Road. Jan 2007
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